Prescribing glasses; pitfalls to avoid ways to solve problems

The following papers should be reviewed prior to the lecture on Thursday morning.  They are all available through HSLS on-line. We will be discussing these and other issues relating to refraction in the context of case studies. This will be a discussion format.   Refractive emergency Survey of Ophthalmology  Volume 40 Issue 5  March-April 1996 Pages 405-406 Melvin Rubin Arif Khan Spasm of the near reflex: A spectrum of anomalies Survey of Ophthalmology  Volume 40 Issue 4  January-February 1996 Pages 269-278 Joseph H. Goldstein Barbara B. Schneekloth Diplopia resolution Survey of Ophthalmology  Volume 39 Issue 5  March-April 1995 Pages 396-398 Melvin L. Rubin Clive A. Novis Melvin L. Rubin