Corneal Dystrophies & Metabolic Disorders

Objectives: Upon completion of this conference the resident/student should have an understanding of corneal dystrophies and metabolic disorders and should be able to

  • Review the basic principles of clinical genetics
  • Review the diagnostic approach to genetic diseases of the cornea
  • Describe the epidemiology, causes, signs, symptoms and management of
    • the Corneal Dystrophies including
      • Anterior Corneal Dystrophies
      • Stromal Corneal Dystrophies
      • Endothelial Dystrophies
    • Ectatic Disorders including
      • Keratoconus
      • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
      • Keratoglobus
    • Metabolic Disorders with corneal changes

Assignment: Please read Chapter 14 Molecular Genetics of Corneal Dystrophies and Metabolic Disorders and Chapter 15 Clinical Approach to Corneal Dystrophies and Metabolic Disorders in the Cornea Section of the BCSC series