UPMC Eye Center Grand Rounds-POS Guest Speaker - Gregory S.H. Ogawa, MD - Corneal & External Disease

Dr. Gregory Ogawa is an ophthalmologist at Eye Associates of New Mexico, specializing in problems involving intraocular lenses, irises, cataracts, and corneas. Dr. Ogawa manages complex patient cases, often for the underserved, routinely treating monocular patients and infants and children with cataracts as well as performing ocular reconstructive procedures for eyes that have experienced a range of injuries. At Eye Associates of New Mexico, he serves as the medical administrative officer in addition to his patient care activities. Dr. Ogawa has designed multiple surgical instruments with the goal of making eye surgery safer and more effective. He has also developed, presented, and published new surgical techniques in the area of iris reconstruction and suture fixation of intraocular lens implants. He helped advance and disseminate new surgeries such as endothelial keratoplasty— implantation of miniature telescopes for patients with macular degeneration—and soon, the implantation of custom artificial irises. A beloved educator, Dr. Ogawa travels nationally to major eye surgery meetings such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and The Cornea Society where he teaches eye surgery in labs and didactic sessions to residents, fellows, and experienced practitioners.