Pediatric Retina

Objectives: Upon completion of this conference the resident/student should have an understanding of pediatric vitreous and retinal diseases and disorders and should be able to


  • Describe the pathophysiology, stage/zone classification and treatment of retinopathy of prematurity
  • Describe various vitreoretinal disorders and diseases found in children
  • Describe the presenting symptoms, signs, findings, treatment of prognosis of pediatric vitreous and retinal diseases including:
    • Leukocoria
      • Retinopathy of Prematurity
      • Persistent Fetal Vasculature
      • Coats Disease
    • Hereditary Retinal Disease
    • Leber Congenital Amaurosis
    • Achromatopsia
    • Blue-Cone Monochromatism
    • Congenital Stationary Night Blindness
    • Foveal Hypoplasia
    • Aicardi Syndrome
    • Stargardt Disease
    • Best Vitelliform Dystrophy
    • Familial Drusen
    • Juvenile Retinoschisis
    • Stickler Syndrome
    • Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy
    • Norrie Disease
    • Goldmann-Favre Vitreoretinal Dystrophy
    • Diabetes
    • Leukemia
    • Albinism
    • Familial Oculorenal Syndromes
    • Cherry-Red Spot
    • Gangliosidoses
    • Hereditary Macular Dystrophies
    • Hereditary Vitreoretinopathies
    • Systemic Diseases and Disorders with Retinal Manifestations

Reading Assignment Please read Chapter 25 Disorders of the Retina and Vitreous in the Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus section of the BCSC.  E-book page 35.