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Welcome to the International Ophthalmology Forum on OphEd.
I've been getting emails from many of you about your ideas for getting our residency program involved in international mission work. It's time to get you all talking to each other.
I think we agree that we'd like to create a program that
1) effectively delivers eyecare to people who need it
2) educates the residents/faculty/medical students who participate
3) educates the healthcare (eyecare?) community at the site being served
4) fits within the framework of elective time available to residents and students
5) is do-able and affordable.
I'd like to start out by having the participants introduce themselves in terms of their backgrounds and experience in this field.
I'll start. I'm Jake Waxman. I'm the program director for the residency program and the ophtho med ed director for the med school. As director of the Guerilla Eye Service I have some experience with creating service missions that serve the dual role of delivering patient care while educating participants. I have NO international mission experience. In fact, I'm probably the least travelled of any of us. I've been out of the country twice for vacations to New Mexico and once for a vacation in France.
I've subscribed those of you who I remember have expressed interest in this in the past. By default you will receive an email from the forum any day that there's a new post. You can easily change your subscription settings or unsubscribe. Let me know if there's someone else you think we should invite to the discussion.
I'm attaching a paper that Anya made me aware of "Practical Strategies for Providing Culturally
Sensitive, Ethical Care in Developing Nations"